Contributed innovation of Tech Giants – Part I

Development have been eased a lot since the 'dot com' burst and the technology giants are holding the glory of contributing the most to open source technologies. You name it, and you owe it to them. Let us see them one by one: Google Angular - If you are into web development then you must... Continue Reading →


CSS Variables and CSS 4

Most of us have used CSS while developing a website or webpage. Cascading Style Sheet without it web pages would be dull, plain and boring but previously there were many limitations to this styling language such as variables and many others which were not supported natively by the styling language. There were interpreted and compiled... Continue Reading →

Why should you learn python?

Python is now a language which is present in most of the domains and is coming in other domains also. Most of us might have used it or know it as an easy language to learn and there are many interesting stuffs that can be done using Python like┬áMachine Learning, FaaS etc. What is Python?... Continue Reading →

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